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Most People Can Tell You About Joint Ventures -
But Here's How To Do Them Step by Step...



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Dear Friend,

Does any of the following sound familiar?

[ ] I have a product, but I'm not making sales?
[ ] I have a product, but my traffic methods aren't working?
[ ] I have an idea, but I want to be part of a team that can make it successful?

If you said yes to any of the following, then you'll want to keep reading this letter.

I'm sure you have heard about people using Joint Ventures to build a successful product or even promote it successfully. The big misconception is that Joint Ventures are for the big guys and that's not true. There's a vast world out there of successful Joint Venture partners big or small.

You've even probably read about it, but you want someone to take you by the hand and how you how do it step by step.

Introducing Joint Ventures for Newbies Video Series

In this video series, you will learn what you need to get started, how to find joint venture partners, approach them, and more much.

So are you REALLY serious about taking control of Joint Ventures?

Here is what you'll learn from these SIX videos in detail:

1. What are Joint Ventures? Different types of Joint Ventures?

Joint ventures should always be a win-win situation in which partnerships are created with two or sometimes more reputable business people. In this video, you'll understand the basics about what Joint Ventures and different types of Joint Ventures that are available.

2. What to look for before searching for JVs.

The biggest thing you need to be looking for is whether your future JV partner is in your niche or target market. If they aren't in your target market, then you'll be wasting your time contacting them because most likely they won't even want to touch your product with a stick if it's not even related to their market. 

You learn the formula to knowing how to spot a successful JV partner beforehand to increase your JV acceptance rate. In this video, we will talk about different methods you can use to manually find Joint Venture Partners whether you use Google, Forums, Bloggers, etc.

3. Once you find them, then what next? What to do before you approach your future JV Partners.

It's good to build a relationship with the JV partner that you will be approaching because the less you are seen as an "outsider" that just contacts the person without establishing any relationships beforehand. By doing small little things discussed in this video, your JV acceptance can increase. A few tips you could use is when you approach JV partners, know about their products, and complement them. Best of all the methods explained in the video can take less than 10 minutes to do.

4. Gathering All the Information to write a successful JV Proposal...

Gathering all the Information before you write your JV Proposal is very important, because you want to do some quick research on your future JV partner as in what they provide, if they have any newsletters, and more. By doing this, you begin to establish a relationship with them. By using this method, when you contact them, they know that they aren't just another one of those JV partners that you are contacting.

5. Contacting - How to write JV Proposals? Including what not
to do.

Now that you have the data you need to write the JV proposal, you can take what you learned about the possible JV partner and customize it fully. By customizing it and making it more personal you increase your JV acceptance rate. Once you setup your first letter, the rest will be a breeze, so in this video you'll learn how to piece everything together to write the email.

One tip is to be personal, meaning address the person's name, not hey you or hey webmaster. The more your customize your proposal, the more it is easier to be read by the prospect. With that said, the beginning of the proposal is the most important part just like the headline is the most important part of a sales letter. It's what pulls someone in.

6. What to do after you send the JV proposal, follow ups, etc...

Most people don't realize this, but follow ups are generally what closes the deal. Just because someone hasn't promoted your product not always means that they aren't interested. Most of the time, it just means they're busy promoting other things or they forgot. So it helps them to follow up once in a while.

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